Episode 279: 2023 Resolutionary Episode


As we head into 2023, AttractionPros is proud to present the sixth annual “resolutionary” episode, which sets the stage for the year to come.  In order to look forward, we look back on several guests interviewed in the past year and highlight many of the insights shared on the podcast by some of the industry’s top leaders.  As you set your goals for the year ahead, you  may find yourself looking for the best ways to achieve results, and this guidance may be found in past interviews of this podcast.  In this episode, Matt and Josh look to the advice from previous podcast guests as they share their goals for 2023.

Staying on the edge

Matt shared that he will strive toward continual and incremental improvement in 2023.  To achieve this, Matt referenced episode 240 where John Penney talked about the importance of staying on the edge.  Always looking at the latest practices for how results are achieved can help you make regular improvements that may otherwise have stayed flat.  Complacency leads to stagnation, and ultimately leads to decline; therefore, staying on the edge is critical to growth.

Everything is figure-out-able and learning from failure

In 2022, Josh set out to learn to play piano, but felt that he hit a wall with his proficiency.  Looking to episode 252, Brad Collins taught us that everything is figure-out-able, which has motivated Josh to keep going and strive for improvement.  Part of progress, however, is failure, whether it is learning to play an instrument or running a business.  In episode 227, Craig Buster talked about the value of learning from failure that eventually leads to success.

Advocating for the next generation

Matt seeks to increase his involvement with supporting professionals who are new to the industry, including young professionals and those early in their careers.  Similarly, Andrea Wiles spoke about advocating for children in episode 236, where shared the long-lasting impact that it has.  By advocating for the next generation of attractions industry professionals, Matt seeks to make an impact long after his time in the industry is up.

Thinking outside the lines and embracing crazy ideas

In episode 70, Josh shared that his “big hairy audacious goal” (BHAG) was to write a book on guest experience.  Fast forward to today, and the book is expected to be published in 2023!  In order to achieve a successful book launch, Josh wants to channel his creative side, even if it may be non-traditional. To do this, Josh referenced episode 234 and episode 264, where Winston Fisher talked about thinking outside the lines and Sarah Clarke talked about thinking outside the box, respectively.  Additionally, Dr. Peter Ricci shared an amazing success story that was a result of embracing crazy ideas in episode 256.

Bringing up uncomfortable subjects

Matt talked about how during one-on-one coaching sessions, oftentimes leaders may open up and share vulnerable feelings that they may not feel comfortable sharing in more public settings.  By doing so, they often lead to breakthroughs and are the catalyst for long-term improvement.  By looking to what Dr. Tonya Matthews shared in episode 237 about bringing up uncomfortable subjects, Matt wants to take this mindset and ensure that he can implement it most effectively, which, from a business standpoint, is much less scalable than large workshops and other one-to-many sessions.  In order to do this, Matt also looks to Winston Fisher’s guidance on thinking outside the lines from episode 234.

Embracing family and saying yes to opportunity

Josh had a disruption to his plans for 2023, and as he and his family cope with changes, he is inspired by the messages that Brian Knoebel shared in episode 244 and Chuck Wray in episode 266 on putting family first.  Additionally, Djuan Rivers shared the benefits of saying yes to opportunities in episode 260.  This can include travel, engagement with the industry, and other opportunities that otherwise would not have been possible.


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We wish you a happy, healthy, and successful year ahead, and we look forward to bringing you many more amazing guests in 2023!

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