Are you ready to reach new prospective clients in 2022?  By partnering with AttractionPros, you can increase your presence in the attractions industry, and speak directly to those who you want to hear your message.

AttractionPros is the first podcast created exclusively for attractions industry professionals.  This includes leaders in theme and amusement parks, water parks, zoos, museums, aquariums, family entertainment centers, and tourist attractions.  Our audience has grown substantially since the podcast’s creation in 2017, and we maintain strong partnerships with the industry’s most prominent associations.

Some of our most notable guests include:

…and hundreds more, with hundreds more to come.

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Our audience is about quality over quantity.

We do not strive to create a platform that reaches hundreds of thousands of people each week, but rather the right people who will benefit from the content.  We intentionally created a niche podcast that would allow us to hone our message and our marketing specifically to the people for whom the content resonates.  If you’re reading this, it means that our audience is your audience.  The decision-makers in the attractions industry are in the AttractionPros audience, making it the most valuable audience you can reach.


Currently, we have two options for advertising partnerships. One option is through Exclusive Podcast Sponsorship, and the other is through our Supplier Partner Program. Click on the links below to either join the sponsorship waitlist or apply for consideration for beginning a partnership, along with further details on each.