28 Motivational and Practical Quotes from Attractions Industry Suppliers


In November of 2020, multiple attractions industry suppliers, manufacturers, and consultants shared their messages to the global attractions industry. In this collaborative AttractionPros resource, Suppliers Speak combines practical tips, motivating messages, and inspirational guidance that operators can use today and implement into their operations for the future. This article shares a bite-size sample of the messages that suppliers shared in the Suppliers Speak e-book, which is available for free download. In addition to the e-book, each participant shared details as to how the pandemic has impacted their business, changes they made as a result, and their message to the industry.

1. Ways to Maintain a Positive Culture

“Nothing is permanent.  The more transparent you can be with those around you, the more respect and trust you will earn.”

from 3dx Scenic

2. Safe and Successful Operations

“Embracing technology can help deliver a safe and convenient experience that leads to better experiences and increased revenue.”

from accesso

3. Improving Safety for Guests and Employees

“By watching your team members work, and giving them feedback, you are telling them that their jobs are important and that you want them to be successful.”

from AIMS

4. Elevate Your Operations

“We aren’t just dealing with running an attraction or developing a program, we are managing people and the lives of those people.”

from ALIVE Solutions

5. Maximize ROI from GX Feedback

“Challenge your own understandings and strive to gain a new level of comprehension from other people’s perspective within your organization.”

from Amusement Advantage

6. Keep Your Team Members Engaged

“Leaders that develop a workplace environment, protocols and initiatives to help their teams to be more connected, will be well on the way to engaging employees.”

from Attractions Academy

7. Improve Operational Efficiency

“Create a culture where everyone can openly share ideas, voice concerns, and make suggestions.”

from Avius

8. Turn an Angry Guest into a Loyal One

“By carefully navigating your service recovery each and every time and working with each guest as an individual, dissatisfied guests can quickly become your most loyal advocates.”

from BackLooper

9. Capture More of Your Market

“Offering a lower initial entry point with an ongoing payment often means that they’ll have more disposable money on their actual visits.”

from CenterEdge Software

10. Create the Greatest Guest Experiences

“Observing, Listening and conversing with your guests always leads to a deeper understanding of their needs, wants and wishes.”

from Connect&Go

11. Guiding Principles for Leadership and Life

“The investment in goodwill with a client is way more valuable than any negative financial aspect.”

from Ellis & Associates

12. Unique 2021 Party Programs

“Today’s definition of value is elevated by social interaction, creating emotional connection throughout the experience.”

from FL Price

13. Make Everyone Feel Safe

“Minimizing points of contact will impact your throughput but will keep your guests and your employees safe until we can resume normal capacity.”

from Funovation

14. Make Better Business Decisions

“If one plan does not work out as well as you had hoped, having multiple plans will allow you to go right into a new one without delay.”

from Get in Gear

15. #marketingbits for 2020 and beyond

“A social presence is especially critical for small businesses where word of mouth marketing is the main driver.”

from Get it Done Marketing

16. Marketing Strategies for a Triumphant Return

“If you stop all marketing efforts and your leading competitor doesn’t, you’ll risk falling behind when life starts to bounce back.”

from Hownd

17. Neurodiversity and Accessibility

“If you think you are over-communicating about your location’s features, programs, on-site experience, and accessibility offerings, you are probably doing just enough.”


18. Questions When Purchasing a VR Attraction

“VR Attractions are appearing and disappearing with every yearly trade show so choosing the right one and the right supplier, is one of the top priorities.”

from Inowize

19. Planning Strategies for Proper Implementation

“The industry has been through many tough times and has always come out stronger than before because we are resilient.”

from ITPS

20. Future-Proofing Your Game Room

“Staying relevant is one thing, being ahead of the curve is the difference between profiting from popularity, and just making normal revenue.”

from KWP Limited

21. Re-Capture Visitor Engagement

“While expectations around health and safety are common amongst nearly all visitors, there is often variance between expectations around convenience and efficiency.”

from Ominco

22. Improve Communication

“When we can truly listen, it also communicates that we care, and that’s a message that everyone needs to hear.”

from Performance Optimist Consulting

23. The Power of Brand Storytelling

“Create experiences that are a true reflection of you that the customer cannot obtain elsewhere.”

from Raven Sun Creative

24. Improve Your Guests’ User Journey

“Attractions need to embrace strategies that will generate more revenue from existing audiences.”

from Rubber Cheese

25. Set Up Your Business for Success

“Excellent service is crucial when it comes to converting customers to repeat business.”

from Simply Legal

26. Execute a Winning Sales Process

“There is a lot more to the sales process than being able to connect with the right kind of buyer.”

from Trainertainment

27. Working with Online Agencies

“Take advantage of your OTA partner’s expertise by asking for industry insights, pricing strategy ideas, and suggestions based on lessons learned in your market and beyond.”

from TripShock

28. Creating Technology-Enabled Smart Parks

“Trust is the basic currency of business. If your ask for data is perceived as a fair and equitable transfer, you are building trust with your guests.”

from Vantage

We want to thank each of the individuals and companies that contributed to this phenomenal resource at a time when the industry needs it the most. We encourage you to explore the Suppliers Speak e-book and video gallery, and recommend that you reach out to learn more about their services.

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