AP Podcast – Episode 166: Josh and Matt preview the incredible insight shared in the Suppliers Speak Series

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When we heard there would be no IAAPA trade show in Orlando in 2020, we felt many manufacturers and suppliers would be missing the opportunity to get in front of their clients and customers to tell their story. We wanted to help in some small way.

In this episode, Josh and Matt preview some of the incredible insight and content available in AttractionPros’s most comprehensive and collaborative effort to date: Suppliers Speak: Attractions Industry Providers Share their Messages

The impact that the COVID-19 pandemic has had on the attractions industry will be studied for years to come, with many lessons that can prepare the industry for future crises.  In August 2020, executives from more than 25 attractions shared details as to their first actions, what they wish they would have known going into it, and how their business philosophy has changed.

In this piece, the focus has now shifted to industry suppliers.  While suppliers have faced different challenges than operators, the need to adjust and adapt has been just the same, from furloughs and workforce reductions, the struggles of accessing stimulus funds, and not knowing when their clients would reopen or return to normal.  Industry suppliers have had to rethink their offerings and creatively find ways to stay connected, stay involved, and stay in business.

This is also a reminder that those who serve attractions operators are here to help and support the industry.  In the e-book, several manufacturers, consultants, and technology providers share their tips, recommendations, and suggestions that operators can implement right away.  The variety of recommendations include operational standards for frontline staff, philosophies for management and leadership, and long-term guidelines for marketing, capital expenditures, and strategy planning.

In the video segments, the suppliers answered three critical questions:

  • How have you continued to serve your clients and the industry since the pandemic began?
  • What shifts have you made to your business model?
  • What would you like your company’s message to the industry to be?

If you would like your company to be added to this feature, please contact us at Attractionpros@gmail.com

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