Episode 298 – Are branding and theming the same thing?

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Are branding and theming the same thing?

With each podcast interview, we share multiple quotes on social media aimed to inspire, motivate, and educate our audience (AKA you) while encouraging you to check out the full interview to gain the full story behind the quotes.  While promoting episode 294, we posted a quote from our interview with Jerry Davis: “Branding and theming are the same thing.”

If you listen to Jerry’s reason behind the quote and the full story that led to it, it makes perfect sense (side note: check out episode 294 if you haven’t already).  However, on its own, it sparks debate.  In this first-ever minisode, Matt and Josh read comments from Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn, where many industry professionals chimed in with their thoughts on the subject.


What do you think?  Are branding and theming the same thing?  Let us know your thoughts on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, or Instagram.

Also, what do you think of this episode format?  Should we do more of these?  (Spoiler alert: episode 299 is also a minisode)


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