Episode 263 – Sam Caucci talks about learning through games, tech as infrastructure, and treating employees like customers

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Sam Caucci is the Founder and CEO of 1Huddle, a company focused around improving employee training through the usage of games. Sam got his start in the sports industry after signing to play football at the University of Alabama, helping to train and keep players up to standard during the offseason. After 10 years in the sports industry, Sam started realizing that the medium for employee training wasn’t up to the standards it should be. In response, Sam founded 1Huddle, working to combat the stereotypical training experience and create a better way to train employees to their maximum potential. In this interview, Sam talks about learning through games, tech as infrastructure, and treating employees like customers. 

Learning Through Games

“There’s a real power to play. Play is not trivial.”

Although it may seem unconventional, it has been proven that learning through games is one of the best ways to learn. By applying these ideas to employee training, not only does it engage employees more than the typical e-learning or classroom setting, but it also gives them opportunities to learn more content at the same time and train their brain from a wide range of lessons, rather than quizzing directly after learning. 

Learning through games is also universal by using the style of trivia. Trivia is a kind of game that spans across all generations, allowing for the learning language to work for employees of all demographics. In addition, this allows for the games to be more educational and train the brain with predictions and reinforcement. 

Tech as Infrastructure

“Organizations need to be learning environments.”

There’s too much power in tech to keep it away, and it’s important to adapt and allow for tech to become part of your company’s infrastructure. By embracing tech and its capabilities for training, it allows for an open stream of communication to provide feedback and clarification to employees. 

In a world where employees feel like management is becoming more disconnected, if an employee were to give a recommendation on a question for trivia through an online portal, it allows for a positive interaction to occur regardless of the outcome of their recommendation. This allows for the employee to have a great learning experience and for the manager to get more connected to their employees. 

Treating Employees like Customers

“What if you treated your employees like customers? What decisions would you make?”

By treating your employees like customers, they feel more incentivized to go above and beyond the typical standards. Instead of having mandatory training, making it voluntary and having rewards could make a massive difference in employee engagement and their connection to their managers. 

By allowing your employees to have fun, play, and learn without the shadow of ‘mandatory attendance’, they can become valuable assets to the company and feel appreciated and connected. Furthermore, this increases the odds of them referring a friend, which is the most common way Gen Z has been searching for employment. 

To learn more about 1Huddle, you can visit their website here. To connect with Sam directly, you can find him on LinkedIn. 

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