Episode 262 – TJ Schier talks about performance driving morale, selling a feeling and competitive socializing

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TJ Schier is the Chief Operations Officer for BigShots Golf, a tech-driven golf and culinary experience. TJ began his career working for Chuck E. Cheese for 18 years, and left to start his own speaking and consulting business in 2001, helping businesses like family entertainment centers improve their culture. In 2021, TJ joined BigShots Golf, helping combine food, hospitality, and golf. In this interview, TJ discusses how performance drives morale, selling a feeling, and competitive socializing. 


Performance Drives Morale


“Performance drives morale, not the other way around.”


Although it seems logical, not many people work harder when they are happier. Many managers struggle to create a positive work environment where they can yield both smiles and results. In a workplace, it’s valuable to view performance as driving morale, rather than the opposite. By generating results, you can see more smiles grow as the employees realize that they are part of a valuable contribution. 


To create this environment, it’s important to know what the group needs to succeed. By failing to communicate and only trying to generate results, it can open the door to toxic leadership and ultimately dampen performance. Sit down with everyone, from the trainers to the owners, and find out what everyone needs. Implement the necessary changes, and as performance skyrockets, so will your company’s morale. 


Selling a Feeling


“We look for moments that make people feel like a big shot.”


Selling a feeling is one of the most important and unique aspects of the attractions industry. Being able to make someone feel something by giving them a great experience takes craftsmanship and incredible attention to detail in the employee and guest experience. It’s important to realize the elements that go into creating a company within the experience economy. 


The ‘north star’ of selling a feeling is giving the guest something they don’t expect. By surprising the guest, you make them feel like they’ve won, therefore selling that feeling. It’s important to never let guests have the minimum experience, and build upon these experiences with employee interactions that make them say ‘wow’. 


Competitive Socializing


“The socialization piece is huge. People want to be around other people.”


Attractions are social experiences, and that’s what draws people out of their house and into your experience. Being able to have fun with other people is the magnet for many experiences such as BigShots Golf. By capitalizing on this concept and generating ideas to help bring it to full fruition, guests will leave with an incredible experience beyond the food and games.


With this, attractions can be taken to the next level of interactivity and become a place where people have a reason to visit more than just once. Allowing for friends to compete in a casual environment creates bonds, a product that reaches all audiences. 


To reach out to TJ, you can email him at tj.schier@invitedclubs.com or connect with him on LinkedIn. To learn more about BigShots Golf, you can visit their website here.

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