Operators Guide #5: Great Selling is About Helping Others

Group Sales, Revenue Growth

This is fifth in the series of guides to operators of amusement and attractions venues, in the changing landscape #AfterLockdown. Offering an overview of the best practice, and your perspective on “achieving sales”, towards maximizing your offering to your customers and guests.

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Everyone is in Sales
-Folks are either selling or un-selling: there is no real middle ground
-Ascertain what you are offering and the customer’s need
-Work out the best way to present what is being offered

“Great Selling is About Helping Others” -Beth Standlee, 2020
-No matter what, we are selling and are in service to help our guests
-Our aim should always be to facilitate this service to meet the guest’s needs
-Being interested in meeting the guest’s needs first improves our opportunity to close the sale

Follow These Key Steps of the Sales Process – the Repeatable Process!
-Step 1-Prospect: Identify your ideal buyer. Understand people based on their need/want, NOT what you sell!
-Step 2-Connect: Connection builds comfort and trust. People want to buy from their friends
-Step 3-Qualify: It’s not about you – find out what the buyer wants and sell them that!
-Step 4-Propose: Pitch NOW – not before you complete the first three steps. Propose a solution based on what you learned during connection and qualification
-Step 5-Close: Ask the buyer for something, a deposit, the next meeting, book a tour, etc. Create a NEXT STEP and you’ll know you’ve closed!

Prospect Tip – Focus on Great Target Market Segments
a. Adult groups
b. Kid groups
c. Church groups
d. Fundraiser groups
e. Private hire

Qualification Tip – 5 Key Things to Know BEFORE you Propose a Sale
1. Understand the logistics – the who, how many, when, what (like food & fun), etc.
2. The WHY of the buy? What are the issues the customer needs to address before they can commit. This is usually the emotional reason of the purchase.
3. Decision maker – who are the people that “need to be in the room” to make the final decision to buy?
4. Who’s your competitor – understand what your offering is against competitive systems/services. If they don’t buy from you then who?
5. Tolerance for spend – based on the value of what you have to offer, what is the guest willing to spend?

Understand Your Ideal Buyer
-Undertake a feasibility of the audience you are looking to sell to
-Carry out a proper competitive analysis
-Compare your values to theirs – do they match?

Product & Price Matter – Value Matters More!
-Understand the elements of the proposition being offered (fun, food, hospitality)
-Correctly price the offering towards what guests can afford
-Ensure you have done your research on your competitor (entertainment, hospitality, etc.)
-Understand who your customers are and their disposable spend

Implement a Consistent Repeatable Process for Success
-Achieve an understanding of what is an offer and relay that clearly
-Ensure that the service / product is best packaged for the target audience
-Make sure that the service / product is updated to the customer’s needs

Beth Standlee
Beth Standlee is the Owner and CEO of TrainerTainment and author of People Buy From People-How to Personally Connect in an Impersonal World.  Beth and her company coach and trainer leaders and teams who want to grow in sales, service, and leadership in the entertainment industry. Her energy is boundless and focused, and her creativity and drive are the forces behind the successful sales career.

Kevin Williams
Kevin Williams – a leading specialist in the immersive Out-of-Home entertainment industry, through his consultancy KWP Limited, specializing in interactive entertainment. Coming from a long career in the theme park, amusement and entertainment software industries, being an ex-Walt Disney Imagineer. Well known for his news service, The Stinger Report that has become a-must-read for those working or investing in the international market. Along with this, he is also a prolific writer with regular columns for the main trade publications in this market, along with presenting numerous conference sessions on the sector and its global impact. He is also the co-author of the only book on this aspect of the market, “The Out-of-Home Immersive Entertainment Frontier” – currently working on the next edition, schedule for publication soon.

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