Operators Guide: Amusement Support Primer #3


This is third in the series of guides to operators of amusement and attractions venues, in the changing landscape #AfterLockdown. For the first two articles in this series, see:

Priorities for Entertainment Operators Post-Lockdown
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Comprising an overview of the unique needs of the game room, and in-particular the various categories of game hardware, and the best practices to keep the players safe and happy.

NOTE – Rules for Cleaning
Protect [Ensure wearing appropriate equipment, and place signage]
Inspect [ensure the condition of the area, may need additional attention]
Clean [Use appropriate cleaning materials, based on policy and guidance]
General Layout – Game Floor 
– Ensure no clustering – Place clear signage, and infographics – Spacing on floor to show paths and distancing – Sanitization Stations [hand wash] – Ensure the cashbox or card-swipe is clean – Counter-tops and handrails [Hard touch areas]
– Also follow Operator Priorities Guidelines
 1. Category: Payment Kiosks 
 – Appropriate space between machines – Wipe down of touchscreen and card swipe 
2. Category: Redemption / Prize Machines
– Appropriate space between machines – Ensure buttons levers and frontage cleaned
 3. Category: Cranes / Pushers 
 – Appropriate space between machines – Ensure buttons levers and glass frontage cleaned
4. Category: Skeeball / Basketball
– Appropriate space between machines – Wipe down balls – Operate at minimum ball count
 5. Category: Pinball 
 – Appropriate space between machines – Wipe down buttons and plunger {Ball Shooter} – Wipe down playfield glass and surround
6. Category: VIdemption
– Appropriate space between machines – Those machines using large touchscreens ensure wipe down
 7. Category: Table Games 

– Appropriate space between machines – Edges and player space wipe down – Pucks and paddles wipe down
8. Category: Video (Driver)
– Appropriate space between machines – Ensure the seat is wiped down – Ensure steering wheel and gear level cleaned
 9. Category: Video (Shooters) 
– Appropriate space between machines – Ensure the gun interface and cable – Ensure wipe down where the guns sit
10. Category: Video (Uprights)
– Spacing (if side by side cabs use partitioning) – Ensure the control panel and joystick / Trackball / buttons cleaned
 11. Category: Video (Dancing Stage) 

– Appropriate space between machines – Ensure the control panel cleaned – Special attention to the handrail
12. Category: Video (Deluxe Enclosures)
– Appropriate space between machines – Signage that only members of same party play – Special attention to game interface and seats (and structure near players face)
 13. Category: Virtual Reality 
– This is a complicated genre of hardware that need special treatment, a best practice guide to keep the customer and hardware safe has already been created – Refer to HOLOGATE Safety Standards 
14. Category: Simulators / 4D Theaters
– Removal of queue-line, and clustering round machine – Wipe down of seats, as well as belts and restrains – Refer to TRIOTECH Guidelines
 15. Category: Vending Machines
– Appropriate space between machines – Ensure the control panel cleaned – Ensure dispenser is cleaned
    16. Special comments
– Ensure all the machines cashbox or card-swipe are clean – If your machines have a stool, always pay this attention when cleaning – Ensure that all prizes for prizes cleaned, including those on display in the price center
Final Observations

These are basic rule-of-thumb guidelines, to help operators plan a regime to address the cleaning and operation needs. At all times refer to the CDC, local authorities and manufacturers own guidelines that can be found online for the official position.

Kevin Williams
Kevin Williams – a leading specialist in the immersive Out-of-Home entertainment industry, through his consultancy KWP Limited, specializing in interactive entertainment. Coming from a long career in the theme park, amusement and entertainment software industries, being an ex-Walt Disney Imagineer. Well known for his news service, The Stinger Report that has become a-must-read for those working or investing in the international market. Along with this, he is also a prolific writer with regular columns for the main trade publications in this market, along with presenting numerous conference sessions on the sector and its global impact. He is also the co-author of the only book on this aspect of the market, “The Out-of-Home Immersive Entertainment Frontier” – currently working on the next edition, schedule for publication soon.

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