Episode 320: Dave Carey and Kristen Seitz talk about tech that you forget, managing pain points, and entitlements vs. tickets

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Kristen Seitz and Dave Cary are the Co-Founders and Senior Consultants of The Recur Group, a company focused on helping attractions and facilities find seamless and hassle-free solutions to upgrade their point of sale systems. Kristen and Dave both started at Walt Disney World, helping upgrade standard paper ticketing to the automated ticketing system we know today. After getting their start in the industry, Kristen and Dave both established decorated careers helping venues and their ticketing systems. Today, Kristen and Dave are now part of The Recur Group, helping take the next big leap in the ticketing industry. In this interview, Kristen and Dave talk about tech that you forget, managing pain points, and entitlements vs. tickets.

Tech That You Forget

“From a technical side, we don’t want to be remembered.”

Kristen and Dave know the importance of ensuring that the ticketing and entry process is a seamless, almost forgettable experience for guests. A well-functioning ticketing system allows visitors to bypass the hassles and concerns often associated with a flawed system. This, in turn, enables guests to make the most of their time in the park, leading to increased enjoyment and the opportunity to create more memorable experiences.

If you hear a guest talking about a park entry, it’s rare that it’s in a positive light. By staying attuned to the tech-savvy visitors and implementing a user-friendly system that accommodates everyone, parks can significantly enhance the overall guest experience by simply letting them forget. 

Managing Pain Points

“When decision-makers are sitting around the table, they are looking out for their own interests.”

It’s too often that attractions try to force a square peg into a round hole. When it comes to addressing and managing pain points, Kristen and Dave know the significance of identifying not only the current pain points but also anticipating potential ones. This comprehensive assessment involves examining issues from various angles and perspectives, from the high levels of finance to the mindset of the frontline operator.

But if pain points had easy fixes, we wouldn’t have any. Kristen underscores that in order to effectively address these points, the team must immerse themselves in the situation by putting their boots on the ground and gaining a thorough understanding of the issue at hand in order to offer a viable solution.

Entitlements vs. Tickets

“We’re not talking about tickets. We’re talking about entitlements.”

An entitlement is simply a ticket with great functionality. By providing guests with greater capabilities through their ticket, such as granting access to their rooms and serving as a means of payment, we can significantly enhance the overall guest experience. This added flexibility empowers guests to have more control over their day, ultimately contributing to a better experience.

Additionally, by providing these services with one entitlement, it can become possible to collect more comprehensive data. This wealth of information can be harnessed to offer guests highly detailed and personalized predictions to enhance their experience.

To learn more about The Recur Group, click here. To connect with Kristen, connect with her on LinkedIn. To connect with Dave, you can also find him on LinkedIn. You can also email  davecarey@recurgroup.com and kristenseitz@recurgroup.com

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