Episode 313: Jonathan Benjamin talks about immersive illusions, learning from employees, and adapting to multiple cultures

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Jonathan “JB” Benjamin is the Chief Executive Officer of Museum of Illusions, an edutainment museum concept bringing guests into a fascinating world of illusions where nothing is ever quite as it seems. With experience at various global restaurant and hotel chains, retail outlets, and trampoline parks, JB brings extensive knowledge to a unique and relatively new attraction type. In this interview, we talk about immersive illusions, learning from employees, and adapting to multiple cultures.

Immersive Illusions

“There’s a trend these days of immersive experiences, and we’re riding that wave.”

JB talks about the uniqueness of the Museum of Illusions as an attraction and its appeal to all ages. In this way, there is a greater opportunity for immersion not only in the facility and the exhibits, but with family members as well. The more you CAN experience together, the more you WILL experience together, which creates richer memories for everyone.

We also learn that immersion does not have to mean VR or the latest technology. JB explains that some of the illusions that guests get to experience are based on older concepts that are given new life in the museum. 

Learning from employees

“We learn as much from our employees as they learn from us.”

People may complain about it, but the easiest way to reach people, especially younger team members, is to meet them where they are. That means utilizing technology when appropriate, even just to open doors to a deeper conversation. 

JB says they are far from the point of being able to say they know everything. Being open to employee feedback and having the ability and willingness to adapt are two things that JB leans on to ensure the employee experience remains fresh and relevant. Listening to his employees is one of the best ways to learn about the community and the guests. 

Adapting to multiple cultures

“It’s part of our DNA to try to assimilate to the local community.”

At the time this episode was recorded, there were Museums of Illusions in 25 countries. JB embraces the differences those countries bring in terms of culture, community, employee base, etc. Just like there is no one-size-fits-all for guests or employees, the same can be said for the operating best practices for all of the countries they occupy. 

JB says that a large part of the process of assimilating and adapting to new cultures is to simply talk to the people already living there. They will tell you what will work and what won’t, and where you need to focus your energy to be a part of the community rather than an outlier.


To connect with JB, visit him on LinkedIn, or you can email him at jb@museumofillusions.com.  For more information on the attraction and locations, visit Museum of Illusions or stop by one of the locations near you!

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