Episode 310 – Sascha Czibulka talks about persistence, starting with safety and creating extraordinary attractions

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Sascha Czibulka is the Executive Vice President for Intamin Amusement Rides, one of the world’s leading suppliers of rides and roller coasters.  Sascha began his professional career with Huss Rides, which he later left for the purpose of joining a startup until his plans changed again when Intamin offered him the role of Managing Director.  What Sascha thought would be a role for one or two years has now lasted more than 23 years, and he now serves as Executive Vice President.  Additionally, Sascha has remained heavily involved with IAAPA throughout his career, serving on and chairing multiple committees and the board of directors.  In this interview, Sascha talks about persistence, starting with safety, and creating extraordinary experiences.


“You will never hear, ‘No, it cannot be done.'”

One of Intamin’s cornerstone characteristics is persistence.  When Sascha was initially offered the opportunity to join the company, he turned it down to pursue his startup, but the calls kept coming.  This persistence can also be sensed in Intamin’s sense of innovation and pushing the envelope toward unique experiences.

Intamin is a family business, currently in its third generation, and the sense of persistence can be felt today just the same as it did several decades ago.  Whenever ideas are brought to the table, whether from external stakeholders such as park operators or if they are developed internally, Intamin takes a “go for it” mentality toward innovation.

Starting with safety

“It starts with safety. That’s the cornerstone of everything we do.”

The only caveat to Intamin’s innovation process is if the project is deemed to be unsafe.  Through thorough examination, Intamin’s engineering team can make a determination of whether an idea is feasible or not, and if it is not feasible due to safety reasons, they will suggest alternative configurations to ensure it meets the safety standards.

The team follows the norms and safety standards in place, including similar standards in all global regions.  While there may be slight differences from one standard to another depending on the region, the one commonality is that the goal is to ensure that rides are kept completely safe.

Creating extraordinary attractions

“Our target is to design a coaster that the passenger can only be torn out of their seat because they instantly want to do it again and again. Then you know you have a winner.”

Every project that Intamin takes on is fueled by the passion of the team.  The engineering team is passionate about creating the best ride experience possible while working within the constraints of space or the client’s budget.  Then, seeing riders’ reactions when they get off the ride determines if the ride is a hit.

Sascha also says that success is defined by years to come and how the attraction continues to be popular year after year.  Sascha says that the goal of every project is to build rides that stand the test of time and maintain their popularity year after year, which helps the client continue to gain a return on their investment.

To learn more about Intamin, visit their website.  To connect with Sascha, find him on LinkedIn or send him an email at sascha.czibulka@intamin.com.

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