Episode 246: Matt and Josh talk about transferable skills, breaking into the industry and the three keys of networking

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Breaking into the attractions industry is no simple task, especially if you have built your professional career in a non-related industry. However, for those who change careers into the industry, they find that there are both benefits and challenges to bringing an outside perspective into an industry that historically has promoted from within. This also may require those who have always worked in the industry to reframe their mindset to embrace and welcome individuals who leave a different industry to join a new network of AttractionPros.  In this “mailbag” episode, Matt and Josh discuss the value of transferable skills, methods of breaking into the industry, and the three keys to networking.

Transferable Skills

Every industry has its own unique, uncomparable skills that are required to get the job done. In the attractions industry, there is a place for every skill imaginable! Whether it’s figuring out how to rig chairs onto a robotic arm, tricking guests into thinking they teleported into a spaceship, or finding a new way to go about guest situations, there are so many ideas and skills required to further improve our industry. 

Expertise leads to a foot in the door. Few people come into this industry blind, as many people have the experience as a consumer and also their previous scope of work. By capitalizing on those previous experiences, your transferable skills can bring you into the industry and break you in. After you get started, you’ll need to learn the terminology along the way and stand on the strong shoulders your previous experiences have given you.

Breaking Into the Industry

The attractions industry has a strong history of valuing new ideas. Being able to take certain ideas or technology from previous experiences and collide them with the established technology of the industry can create unparalleled attractions that pull guests from every corner of the world. By marketing your unique skill set with these new ideas, breaking into the industry can be very simplified. 

Innovation only occurs when someone brings about change. By using your transferable skills and new ideas to your advantage, you can find that breaking point to put yourself in the industry. However, this must be exercised with caution, as the mark made must be made properly in an industry like this. Show patience and be friendly, and you’ll find out that the people you talk to always know somebody that can help you out, whether that be in the lens of networking or your new job. 

Three Keys to Networking

To build a career in the attractions industry, networking is extremely important.  Even today, if you don’t connect yourself with the people who are creating these experiences, you will struggle finding a place where you can release your talent to its fullest potential. The secret to networking involves being known, liked, and trusted.

These three keys are what people define you by, and when you fill all the criteria, people will want you on their team. When it comes to being known, you’ll need to initiate conversations. By having a unique trait or scheduling meetings, it will get those talks started. This will help you stand it in a crowded space and get you recognized.  When it comes to being liked, being personal and making the conversation about who you’re talking to can make a great first and lasting impression. By creating that relationship, people will want to talk to you again, and that opens up doors for the future. As for trust, make sure you’re not just networking for personal gain. It’s crystal clear when people come up and are talking to somebody just to get use out of them. By showing your genuine self, it increases the likelihood that people will trust you and will want to talk to you again. 

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