AP Podcast – Episode 178: Josh and Matt get granular with a guest service experience

Podcast, Service Recovery

In the weeds… Granular… Dive into the details… whatever you want to call it, that’s what happened on this episode inspired by real life events!

Matt was hoping for a simple fix for his glasses, but what he got was a lesson in guest service and experience (and maybe even about emotional triggers).

Josh and Matt go deep on this and pull out some pretty epic lessons any business can use.  

  1. Either you have the solution, or you have the way to get to the solution.
  2. Your employees must be the expert to resolve all kinds of situations that will serve their guests to the best.
  3. If the guest walks away still needing to figure out how to solve their problem, that’s your problem.
  4. If you go above and beyond, you must do it consistently, because you’ve set a new standard.
  5. A service failure will have a larger magnitude when the standard is set higher.
  6. The combination of resources, along with the desire to solve a problem is just as important as having the solution itself.

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