AP Podcast – Episode 61: Frank Price talks about birthday parties, personalities, and why marketing people hate him

Group Sales, Human Resources, Podcast

Frank Price, President of FL Price and Founder of Birthday University, joins the AttractionPros Podcast to talk about one of the largest revenue sources for the family entertainment industry: birthday parties.  Sometimes more isn’t always better, and you can’t always be everything to everyone.

Frank talks about the human element of the operation.  Your facility might have the greatest attractions, food, games, and retail, but that’s not what will set you apart from your competition.  You can’t fill an entertainment with amazing offerings and call it a day.  It all comes down to the people who deliver that experience to your guests.

Training budgets often get cut when there is an emphasis on marketing.  Frank talks about certain times when you can (and even should) reduce your marketing budget so you can focus more attention on developing your employees in the interest of building a strong guest experience culture.  That way, the marketing aspect is driven through positive word of mouth and online reviews.


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