AP Podcast – Episode 58 – Jeff Platt of Sky Zone talks innovation, being a young leader, and the power of play.

Entrepreneurship, Leadership, Podcast

Jeff Platt is CEO of Sky Zone, and the creator of the trampoline park concept – although its not originally what he set out to do.  When the trampoline court for a new sport concept attracted attention from nearby kids at a skate park, they realized they needed to shift to experience-based recreation.  Today, Sky Zone has more than 200 locations worldwide, and was acquired by CircusTrix in early 2018.

In this episode, Jeff shares:

  • Advice for young leaders
  • His approach to his role and how Sky Zone fosters innovation
  • How his perceptions were changed after being on Undercover Boss
  • His philosophy that the guest experience is secondary to the team member experience

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