episode 57

AP Podcast Episode 57 – An exciting MAILBAG episode about guest recovery and developing young leaders

Podcast, Service Recovery

Is it still a “mailbag” episode if the question comes from Twitter?  YES!!

This mailbag episode is in response to the following question that come in from Twitter:

“Big fan of your show. I was curious if you could talk about these questions on an upcoming show. These are pretty much my struggles at work. Working at an FEC / High speed gokart track, we get a lot of complaints about guests that didn’t enjoy their race. It’s either ‘not what they expected, they got bumped, or wasn’t fast enough’ either way they want a refund for their experience. At what point is giving a refund ok or should we expect the guest to know what they are getting them self into.

Most of my team leaders are 18- 19 and this is their first leadership role. Have any suggestions in helping them become better leaders. Thanks!”

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