AP Podcast – Episode 160: Ike Kwon talks about community, diversity and creating decision makers at all levels of the organization

Leadership, Non-Profit, Podcast

Ike Kwon is the Chief Operating Officer and Head of Government Affairs at the California Academy of Sciences. While Ike’s facility was still closed at the time of this recording due to COVID-19, he was able to share with us some of the great things they do to entertain and educate their guests.

In this episode, Ike talks about Platinum guest service, how he didn’t think he would end up in California and what his team is doing during the shutdown.

For more on Ike or Cal Academy:

Website: https://www.calacademy.org/

Ike on LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/ikekwon/

Ike’s email: ikwon@calacademy.org

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