AP Podcast – Episode 145: Robbie Baxter talks about the membership mindset, your forever promise and why your membership program might not be working

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Robbie Kellman Baxter is an expert on subscription and membership programs, and is the author of The Membership Economy and The Forever Transaction. Her knowledge of what it takes to create a successful subscription or membership program is wide and deep, and this discussion will help us all understand how this powerful model can benefit our businesses.

She warns, however, that your product and offerings have to be big enough to sustain an membership model, and that if you only focus on getting people in the door, you are missing the boat.  To Robbie, a membership program is about telling people you want to have a relationship with them forever, and that you are going to provide a high level of value and trust to keep that relationship alive.

For more on Robbie: https://robbiekellmanbaxter.com/

Special resources for the AttractionPros audience: robbiekellmanbaxter.com/audience

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