7 reasons why you must actively seek guest feedback

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Watch the webinar replay from BackLooper, Guest feedback strategies to strengthen engagement, operations, and your reputation From September 10th, 2020.

If you are not actively collecting feedback from guests as a standard part of your operations, you are missing out on vital information that will help improve your business, and missing opportunities to foster stronger relationships with your guests.  Business that do not collect feedback in any fashion either aren’t interested in guest satisfaction, assume they know everything, or don’t think that they will gain anything new from the information.  Here are seven reasons why you must actively seek guest feedback:

  1. Get a leg up on your competition.  42% of companies do not actively survey or collect feedback from customers.  Businesses that are not listening to guests’ concerns are leaving crucial intelligence that their competitors are gaining by fostering a guest experience culture that embraces positive and opportunistic feedback.
  2. Very few dissatisfied guests actually complain.  1 out of 26 customers is likely to bring up complaints.  This might not seem to be the case if you feel like you are fielding complaints left and right, but you are being made aware of less than 4% of guest satisfaction happening under your nose.
  3. Your reputation is at stake.  47% of customers with a complaint will voice it on social media.  And when one negative review can turn away up to 30 potential guests, a lack of a feedback collection initiative will result in more power in the hands of your adversaries and fewer visitors as a result.
  4. Improve repeat visitation.  Guests who are dissatisfied are much less likely to return, and the cost of acquisition can be 6-7 times the cost of retaining existing guests.  Focus your energy on encouraging your guests’ next visit and you’ll find yourself reducing wasted time, energy, and resources seeking first-time visitors.
  5. Service recovery increases retention.  Because of the recovery paradox, locating more dissatisfied guests and walking them through effective methods of service recovery will result in a stronger connection to the business.  Complaints can be your best friend when you intercept them while still fresh in the guest’s mind.
  6. Drive guest loyalty.  73% of customers fall in love with a company due to friendly customer service representatives.  By having a dedicated individual or team that is focused solely on guest communication, the personal connection that your guests will have with your business will yield tangible rewards through repeat visitation and positive word of mouth, and intangible benefits as you weave your way into the fabric of their daily life.
  7. Improve your business for the future.  The more feedback you collect, the more data you have to make relevant changes that improve satisfaction, guest retention, loyalty, which all lead to a more profitable business.  By turning guest communication into a continuously revolving feedback loop, feedback becomes an integral part of how you identify pitfalls within your organization, make the necessary improvements, and measure the success of your implementations.

Focus your guest experience initiatives on driving guest feedback and enjoy the benefits that come along with it, including more satisfied guests, the ability to make more data-driven decisions, and reduce negative online reviews.

Watch the webinar replay from BackLooper, Guest feedback strategies to strengthen engagement, operations, and your reputation From September 10th, 2020.

Joshua Liebman
As the Founder of BackLooper, Joshua helps attractions strengthen guest engagement through feedback, and provides the intelligence needed to correct the most pressing concerns that detract from the guest experience.  Joshua’s passion for guest experience comes from his background in hospitality and tourism, serving visitors from all around the world and specializing in complex service failure resolution.  BackLooper has proven to help attractions optimize their feedback loop and foster guest loyalty.


  • Great article – lots of data that back it up. We think one more should be added – specifically that whilst the minority only collect feedback (your 42%) – a much smaller proportion of this number actually DO ANYTHING with that feedback – Gartner have said 90% of all businesses that collect feedback do nothing.

    Many reasons – underpin this – but it is achievable.

    This means a huge opportunity to leapfrog the competition.

    Thanks for sharing

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