Networking in a Pandemic: an AttractionPros Webinar

Building relationships and connections in any industry can be exhausting, frustrating, and in many cases, intimidating. Entering a room full of strangers hoping to leave with new friends and business colleagues requires a special extroverted skillset… and also requires being at an event in real life.
If making new connections in person is difficult enough, networking in a pandemic sounds nearly impossible. With no in-person events occurring for the foreseeable future, how can we continue to grow our relationships in the industry that may lead to new opportunities for career changes, business opportunities, or professional growth?
While we don’t have all of the answers, we can look back at how 2020 has spawned creativity and made us rethink how we stay connected. In this webinar hosted by Matt Heller and Josh Liebman, we share how we have continued networking during the pandemic, and collaboratively share unique suggestions from others, including you!
By watching the replay of this webinar, you will walk away feeling energized to promote your personal brand, whether you are seeking a career change, new business opportunities, or to grow your network in the attractions industry.