Episode 339: Matt and Josh talk about premium experiences

Company Culture, Guest Experience, Podcast

This episode started with a question about what we as an industry might be lacking compared to other industries. It just so happens that Josh and Matt were talking about premium experiences just before recording, so that happened to be on our minds. In this episode, we talk about possible enhancements attractions can make to premiumize both the guest and employee experience. 

At its core, a premium experience is based on three things: exclusivity, efficiency and personalization. With that in mind, we brainstormed a few ways to include those in our offerings to guests and employees.

For example, what if guests who opted for a premium experience not only had a special parking pass, but a separate lane to bypass all other traffic?  Or better (or even more premium) yet, what if a van or limo arrived to pick the guests up and bring them to the park?  Would THAT feel like a premium start to the day?

We also talked about this for employees, and discussed that what employees really crave is to be heard, valued and know that they have a future. From our experience, there are a lot of employees that would consider these foundations of the employee experience to be premium – IF done on a consistent basis.

The real challenge for many attractions is looking at the business differently. Taking a strategic look at every phase of the guest or employee journey to determine if there is more that could be done – and the answer is YES! There is no plateau to hospitality or service that we extend to the people we care about.

If you have initiatives that add premium touches to the guest or employee experience, we’d love to hear about them and possibly feature them on a future follow-up episode of the podcast. You can email us at attractionpros@gmail.com, or find us any of the socials.

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