Episode 356 – Minisode – The Mid-Year Resolutionary Check In


This minisode features Josh and Matt reflecting on their resolutions for 2024, which they set at the beginning of the year. The conversation revolves around their progress towards these goals and the broader themes of personal and professional development.  They decide to discuss their resolutions from episode 330 and evaluate their progress.


Matt’s first resolution is to enhance POC University, a program he leads, by improving its website, user experience, and interface. He provides updates on the steps taken, such as creating a new website on Patreon and gathering feedback from members.

Josh’s first resolution involves building partnerships and enhancing guest experience initiatives in his consulting business. He discusses his efforts to extend workshop engagements beyond one-time events by establishing partnership programs with attractions.


Matt’s second resolution is to prioritize his health after undergoing quadruple bypass surgery. He shares his progress in adopting healthier habits, including exercise and dietary changes, leading to weight loss and improved well-being.

Josh’s second resolution focuses on refining his public speaking skills, particularly by enrolling in stand-up comedy classes at Second City. He describes the nerve-wracking yet rewarding experience of performing a five-minute set at a student showcase.


Matt’s third resolution involves sharing his surgery experience to help others and integrate its lessons into his coaching and training work. He emphasizes the importance of storytelling and leveraging personal experiences to connect with others.

Josh’s third resolution involves organizing in-person events, such as meetups and a potential leadership conference for AttractionPros. He discusses ongoing discussions and plans with Matt to make these events a reality.


We encourage you to reflect on your own resolutions and we’d love to hear your updates!  Let us know by commenting on LinkedIn, X, Facebook, or Instagram.

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