Episode 353 – Mike Lusky talks about embracing history, shifting culture, and the importance of mentors

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Mike Lusky is the Group General Manager of Adventureland Resort, Altoona, IA. With over three decades in the attractions industry, his journey began at Geauga Lake in Ohio, where he started as a taffy puller at the age of 15. Over the years, Mike has worked with industry giants like Six Flags and Great Wolf Lodge, honing his leadership skills and shaping his management style. In this interview, Mike talks about embracing history, shifting culture, and the importance of mentors.

Embracing history

“One of the things I’ve seen most effective through any of the organizations that I’ve worked in is when you’re able to connect the employee and their benefits to the ultimate goal.”

Mike emphasizes the importance of connecting the past with the present to foster a sense of continuity and pride among employees. By acknowledging and celebrating the history of Adventureland Resort, Mike believes it creates a deeper connection with both employees and guests, enhancing the overall experience.

Shifting culture

“Keeping [employees] in a positive mindset, giving them the right accolades when necessary, that’s a big part of the strategy here is just that acknowledgment and kind of immediate reward.”

Mike emphasizes the significance of fostering a positive work culture by recognizing and rewarding employees for their contributions. He believes that by prioritizing employee satisfaction and well-being, it translates into better guest experiences and ultimately drives business success.

The importance of mentors

“There’s no way you would have been able to come up with your leadership style on your own.”

Mike underscored the pivotal role of mentors in shaping leadership styles and navigating challenges in the attractions industry. He highlighted the value of seeking guidance from experienced professionals who can offer insights, support, and feedback. Through mentorship, leaders can refine their skills, make informed decisions, and cultivate successful careers.


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