Episode 349: James Jensen talks about going into the future, transformational experiences, and fear is an illusion

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James Jenson is the founder and CEO of JUMP, the world’s first wingsuit base jumping simulator. If you have ever dreamed of flying like Superman, but don’t have the time, ability or finances to do it for real, this hyper-realistic simulation might be for you. Early in his life, James began oil painting like his father. Later when he discovered computers, he was happy to locate the undo button and that is what spring boarded his career as a designer. From there he opened his own design agency where he worked with actors on specific sets and green screens, and it wasn’t long after that that he founded the VOID, another immersive attraction. That then led to the founding of JUMP in 2022.  In this thought-provoking episode, James talks about going into the future, transformational experiences, and that fear is an illusion.

Going into the future

“In late 2016, I imagined going to JUMP, and what that would be like as a customer.”

James didn’t realize that he and Nicola Tesla had something in common… they would both image their projects or products as they would be in the future (before creation). In James’ case, he mapped out the customer journey and the experience based on the vision of what he saw in the future. 

He also wrote a customer review of that imagined experience, which ultimately turned into a guide for his team about what they were trying to create. It directly impacted marketing, the design of the attraction, and how they were trying to make the customer feel throughout the process. 

Transformational experiences

“We want you to know one truth. You’re standing in an airplane and you’re about to jump out 15,000 feet to the ground.”

Base jumping in a wingsuit would likely be a transformational experience. As a human, you would have done what very few others have the time, budget, or desire to do, but it would be something you would never forget and you would likely look at life from a different perspective.

The hyper-realistic experience of JUMP, while a simulation of that base jump, aims to be just as transformational because you believe you did something unbelievable. Pulling back the curtain on how JUMP does it, James says a huge part of the experience is to remove all evidence of other input you might notice. Nothing can break the illusion of your new “truth,” that you are about to fly!

Fear is an illusion

“It’s your moment to jump past that [fear] and see success.”

James tells us how when someone is getting ready to jump at JUMP, they are standing at the edge of the airplane, the wind is hitting their face, and they feel the real fear of being unsafe, or that something is about to happen and they need to protect themselves. The “fear state” is created not by what is really happening, but what we project might happen and we feel that fear in the moment. 

James hopes that by allowing people to experience fear, and then jump past it in a safe place, people will take not only the experience, but the learning with them. This can help people be more productive and effective as they reevaluate situations in their own lives where fear might be holding them back.


To learn about JUMP, visit https://www.limitlessflight.com/ or follow their social media accounts: Instagram, Facebook, TikTok, Twitter (X).

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