Episode 345: Minisode – Taking pictures for guests

Guest Experience, Podcast

We’re in the business of creating memories that last a lifetime.  While that’s a nice, feel-good statement, it’s also the attractions industry’s business model.  Once a guest leaves an attraction, their biggest takeaway is the memory of their experience, and our goal is to turn that memory into action: planning to visit again and influencing others to visit as well.  And one of the best ways to solidify a memory is by capturing photos and/or videos of your guests.

It may seem like a simple act of courtesy, but in this “minisode,” Matt recalls moments from his recent trip to Iceland where he offered to take photos of other tourists, which sparked memories for him from doing the same thing for guests while working in theme parks.  Offering to take a photo initiates an interaction, which allows for personalization, and therefore creates a moment that is greater than the photo itself.

Matt and Josh break down the benefits of capturing photos and videos of guests, and how they enhance the guest experience.  The first is the photo itself, which, when taken by an employee, allows for the full group to be present and creates a higher-quality photo than a selfie.  It also allows the employee to use their proficiency of their surrounding area, which is exemplified by Josh sharing how he took photos of guests during the fireworks in the Magic Kingdom when he worked in Tomorrowland.  It also allows for the team member to build rapport with guests, learn about where they’re visiting from, and exceed the guests’ expectations, even if only by a small amount.

We want to hear from you!  What seemingly small interactions can you have with your guests that have a large impact?  Let us know by chiming in on LinkedIn, X, Facebook, or Instagram.

By the way, when taking photos of guests with their smartphones, please a) focus the picture to ensure that their faces aren’t blurry, and b) do not take 50 photos and hope that one of them comes out great.  They’re usually all garbage.  Just take a few, and make them count.

What do you think of this episode format?  Let us know if you want us to produce more minisodes!

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