Episode 343: Minisode -The Desperation Hire

Company Culture, Podcast

The “desperation hire,” also referred to as the “pulse test” or the need for “warm bodies” (please stop calling it that), is a challenge often faced throughout all areas of the industry, regardless of attraction type or geography.  When staffing crunches hit, organizations scramble to fill positions quickly, which risks compromising standards and expectations in the interest of having a complete schedule.

In this “minisode,” Matt and Josh share suggestions for minimizing the desperation.  This includes adjusting operating hours to meet available staffing resources and reducing areas where staff is necessary.  Additionally, organizations can plan to over-recruit by expanding the pool of applicants needed to fill vacant job openings, implement routines to always be recruiting (ABR), and streamlining their onboarding process so that new hires can ramp up quickly and gain proficiency in an efficient manner.

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