Episode 337 – Dr. Patty Mason talks about a holistic approach to finance, an abundance mindset, and transformational leadership

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Dr. Patty Mason is a tax expert & financial consultant who not only supports businesses through sound finance advice and guidance, but also consults with executives about business vision, leadership, and employee engagement. A CPA by trade, Patty is someone who enjoys figuring out complex problems and helping business owners make the best decisions possible. In this fascinating interview, Patty talks about a holistic approach to finance, an abundance mindset, and transformational leadership. 

A holistic approach to finance

“If you don’t have financial literacy, you’ll make decisions based on what may or may not be best for you.”

It’s not just the bottom line, it’s not just the top line. It’s a 360-degree approach to the financial side of business and life that drives financial literacy and well-being so individuals can live a purposeful life.

Patty emphasizes the importance of education because of the various laws and approaches to finance so that both employees and business owners feel empowered to make the best decisions possible. She starts with a framework of ⅓ for today, ⅓ for tomorrow, and ⅓ for retirement. Her clients who embrace this formula thrive in both the short and long term. 

An abundance mindset

“An abundance mindset is not afraid of the downturn.”

When asked about her advice for companies who are noticing a downward trend in their business, Patty doesn’t advocate for cutting corners or blind investments.  Instead, her advice is to diversify and focus on production. In other words, embrace an abundance mindset.

An abundance mindset will drive people to find other lines of business, new ways to make money, and serve the needs of their clients or guests. Of course, it also helps if you follow Patty’s other advice about planning for any downturn with savings that can help you weather the storm.

Transformational leadership

“Make them fall in love with the vision.”

When advising clients, Patty likes to start with the leadership style because leadership is critical to creating an environment where opportunities are created and team members thrive. 

Transformational leaders empower, motivate, and inspire employees to produce. Patty is a strong believer that this style of leadership is the most compassionate way to get your team to work and is what all leaders should aspire to to be truly successful.

To learn more about Patty, visit her website here. She can also be found on Instagram and LinkedIn.  Her phone number is 321-335-4400.

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