Episode 249: Don White talks about optimizing labor through AI, the Answer Engine and role-based assistants


Don White is the President & CEO at Satisfi Labs. Coming from an algorithmic training designer background with Bloomberg, Don and his colleagues now use their talents to make information more accessible for places people like to go. Since 2016, Satisfi Labs has been working to optimize digital relationships with guests while maintaining a great guest experience by allowing for personalization, but avoiding the repetitive transfer of information. In this episode, Don talks about the benefits of optimizing labor through AI, the answer engine, and role-based assistants.  

Optimizing Labor through AI

“We look at the roles that people can’t potentially fulfill.”

Some tasks are just impossible to do. Luckily, there’s a unique advantage to using artificial intelligence technology to assist staff in completing these intense tasks. By using a system that is designed to learn, an ever-improving system can be implemented to help take on these immense challenges. Not only will this system already provide meaningful results, it will also help improve the performance of employees by assisting them in a way that could never be reached before. 

By answering simple questions to teach the AI, an AI can create a solution for a question that can be asked in 13 million different, unique ways. This creates a new opportunity in the world of guest service efficiency, allowing for simple questions to be answered in a way that maintains a fantastic guest experience while also enhancing the employee experience. It does this by avoiding the repetitive transfer of common information. 

The Answer Engine

“The guest experience is optimized if they get the information in real time.”

In a world where information is constantly fed to us, whomever gives us the information we like the quickest wins. It’s important to recognize that this day and age requires real-time, quick responses, as the expectation for immediate answers is on the rise. Don and his team have already seen a benefit to the guest experience by using AI within the attractions industry. 

The guest experience is the most optimized when the guest gets the information accurately, in real time, and always finds it available. By making ‘The Answer Engine’ accessible to guests in as many ways possible, whether it be via phone or computer, guests will find it easy to get quick answers to questions while simultaneously leaving the door open for specific personalized experiences where needed. 

Role-Based Assistants 

“People like to ask, and just get.”

AI Assistants can be very valuable, and one of the core ways to utilize them is to have them play a guest-facing role. By implementing these virtual assistants into your operation, not only will it come with real-time, quick information, but it will also be accessible 24/7, something guests would greatly appreciate.

Many people find themselves planning a vacation or having a question at an odd time where there may not be an employee to help them in the office. By having these assistants play guest service roles, it can not only provide important and direct information, but it can also keep guests satisfied even outside of office hours. Not only this, but a role-based assistant could assist an employee with a simple task while the employee handles a more complex and unique situation.


To learn more about the Satisfi Labs, visit https://satisfilabs.com/.  To reach Don, connect with him on LinkedIn.


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