De-Escalation Techniques to Help Your Employees, Your Guests, and Your Business


Date: August 24th
Time: 1pm EDT / 12pm CDT / 11am MDT / 10am PDT

The landscape of guest behavior has changed. Due to your new policies, some of your guests feel emboldened to question your rules, putting your team members in uncomfortable situations when guests don’t agree and don’t follow them. The end result is two-fold: employee morale drops, and your business suffers from lost revenue and a damaged reputation.

In this webinar, Matt Heller and Josh Liebman apply principles of employee engagement and guest experience so that you can help your team members navigate these unusual times. This circumstance requires a combination of proactive measures put in place to minimize escalated situations, along with a set response plan when guests become unruly.

Additionally, Scot Carson shares aggregated data collected from Amusement Advantage‘s mystery shops related to COVID-19 concerns and how they have impacted the guest experience this summer.

The takeaways from this webinar will help your employees, your guests, and your business.

This webinar was published as AttractionPros Podcast – Episode 156.

One thought on “De-Escalation Techniques to Help Your Employees, Your Guests, and Your Business

  • Great job gentlemen. Thanks for giving us a reminder of the importance of how we treat each guest and to stand up for our team members. Guests seem to be on edge more than ever. I think it is because, normally when people come on vacation it is a time to “unplug” from the challenges in our lives and connect with our loved ones. We want to forget the cares of the day…but in these times we have the constant reminder because of the masks and the reduced capacity and social distancing. On vacation people don’t want to be told what to do (like they are in their every day jobs)… but for everyone’s safety we are having to give them more directions and reminders than ever. It is a challenging time. This makes guests more anxious. Deescalation skills are more necessary than ever. I appreciated your detailed examples and suggestions and I loved hearing what is working for other parks.

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