AP Podcast – Episode 50: A look back on the guests we’ve featured in the last year


We have officially made it to Episode 50!  To honor this occasion, we would like to take the opportunity to spotlight all of the guests that we’ve featured since the beginning.  In this episode, you’ll hear short clips from each guest as they share insights, stories, and their expertise in the attractions industry.

If you have not had the opportunity yet to listen to our previous episodes, we recommend taking the time to go back through the first 49 episodes and listen to the full conversations with each of the guests that we’ve had on the show.  All of the content that we create is designed to be evergeen – it doesn’t matter if you listen to it the day it comes out or a year later; all of the topics are still applicable.

In this episode, we are thrilled to feauture snippets of conversations with the following AttractionPros guests:

  • Scott Brown, Family Entertainment Group
  • Ben Story, Avius
  • Jennifer Berthiaume, Lion Country Safari
  • Chris Gray, Skyline Attractions
  • Amy Holloman, Eastern State Penitentiary
  • Matt Eckert, Holiday World
  • Eric Davis, Zoo Nation, Awesome Ocean, & Stand with SeaWorld
  • Clint Novak, Central Park Funland
  • Erik Beard, International Ride Training (formerly Wiggin & Dana)
  • Terri Adams, Schlitterbahn
  • Case Lawrence, CircusTrix
  • Cindee Huddy, International Ride Training
  • Tim O’Brien, Industry Journalist
  • Lisa Shanley, Nassal ACM
  • Richard Ray, Cedar Fair
  • Bill Lupfer, Florida Attractions Association
  • Nick Gray, Museum Hack
  • Sherry Howell, CenterEdge Software
  • Lars Kristensen, NiceJob
  • Mark Rosenzweig, Ride Entertainment
  • Ed Hodgdon, Funtown/Splashtown & NEAAPA
  • Ken Whiting, Whitings Foods
  • Nick Romeo, Double T Multimedia & Florida Attractions Association
  • Laurie Squire, Imagine Exhibitions
  • Barry Zelickson, Big Thrill Factory
  • Kurt Allen, Mississippi Aquarium

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