AP Podcast – Episode 42: AttractionPros LIVE! A special episode recorded at the Florida Attractions Association Annual Conference 2018

AttractionPros LIVE!, Guest Experience, Marketing, Podcast, Zoology

In this very special AttractionPros LIVE episode, we take over a breakout session at the Florida Attraction Association‘s Annual Conference and the audience members become our guests!  We asked them for topics and questions near and dear to their hearts, and then used the collective wisdom in the room to explore solutions.  It was a ton of fun!

This was recorded live, so you get to follow along with EXACTLY what happened on June 12, 2018 in the Acacia 1 breakout room at the Naples Grand Beach Resort.

Special thanks to Bill Lupfer of FAA for helping to make this happen, and to Mary Altman for her coordination of resources!

Also, Mark and Steve from FCAV provided the recording equipment and were instrumental in us getting the best possible recording!  We couldn’t have done this without their support!

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