AP Podcast – Episode 33: Matt and Josh discuss how to be a better human

Guest Experience, Leadership, Podcast

It started with a question that flipped the tables… we usually talk about how companies can provide better service and lead their teams in more effective ways… in this episode we ponder the concept of deriving better service from being a better customer.  AND, influencing better leadership by being a better employee.

Josh shared some information from his thesis about being able to sell better… SPOILER ALERT: we agreed that a lot of these items just make you a better human.

    • Establish common ground
    • Be prepared to listen
    • Define the objectives
    • Articulate your deal-breakers
    • Consider concessions
    • Consult the experts
    • Strategize small victories
    • Be positive
    • Self-belief is a requirement
    • Use pressure strategically
    • Choose the correct communication channel
    • Be passionate and exciting
    • Use humor
    • Make a positive first impression
    • Sell the benefits
    • Do not be tough or make threats
    • Do not make assumptions
    • Close by repetition
    • Close by association with competition
    • Work it down to a unit cost
    • Define the opportunity cost of rejection
    • Identify a list of their needs

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