AP Podcast – Episode 116: Josh and Matt discuss the best ways to optimize guest feedback


When giving feedback, do guests prefer posting online reviews or talking directly to the business?

In this episode, Josh and Matt explore multiple methods of guest communication, through both public and private channels, and how operators can use guest feedback to improve their business.  Josh explains the three critical tenants of the guest feedback loop: Collect, Respond, React, and then repeat to measure the success of your actions.  Additionally, examples are shared of how attractions have effectively used guest feedback to measure their top priorities which helped align their focus into which problems to solve first, and how they made small changes to their operation that yielded long-term positive results.

Josh also shares the exciting details of his new program, BackLooper, which is designed to help attractions gain higher quality feedback from more guests, and then outlines attraction’s top complaints, giving key insight into areas of concern that need to be addressed.  Josh shares early results of attractions who have benefited from BackLooper’s insights, along with how attractions can monetize the program to bring in additional revenue.

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