5 Keys to Successful Impulse Marketing


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Never stop promoting your experiences! If you stop or slow your marketing efforts and your nearby competitor doesn’t, you’ll risk falling behind. Assume that other attractions are applying a consistent approach to their marketing and concentrate on what you could be doing today, tomorrow, and in the future. Here are 5 Key Takeaways to help guide you on your path towards consistent experience promotion. 

Reach. Reach. Reach

Promote your experiences across every distribution channel that you can access. Some are obvious and immediately available like email, social media channels, or a popup on your website. Others may come from forming partnerships with nearby non-competitive businesses, or promoting experiences on your local tourism or attraction websites, nearby vacation rentals, or even the local shopping districts. Naturally, some of these channels may be more expensive or difficult to access than others so tracking your return on investment becomes key.

Add Value in every marketing communication

Ditch those newsletters! Targeted promotions such as Buy Nows or Coupons provide meaningful value with measurable results. Newsletters or other fluff communications run the risk of cramming inboxes and exhausting your list or going completely lost amongst the sea of similar subject lines and messaging. So save your next newsletter or fluff piece for another day and use your email for some good, like delivering offers that bring positivity and crucial revenue back to your business.

Always have a single Call-to-Action

Nothing can be worse for your marketing efforts than to create confusion for consumers by providing multiple calls-to-action. Consumers may think they want choice but when it comes to your promotions, you want to give them a single simple option. Buy Now! Claim Now! Sign Up Now! Any more than one option and you run the risk of a consumer choosing none of the options and moving on. Providing that single CTA, and making that Action so quick and easy, will boost impulse conversions, capturing your consumers’ interest immediately.

Buy Now, Book Later

If you offer online booking for your attraction it’s tempting to use Book Now! as the primary call-to-action for your promotion. This is a major mistake, however. Remember, consumers don’t like to make choices when they are making an impulse decision to visit your attraction. So don’t require them to! Give them the ability to make a quick purchase (e.g. a gift voucher, or buy now package) and then redeem it later when they have time to actually choose the day and time that they want to visit. You may have noticed that Disney has recently taken a similar approach. You can make a ticket purchase first and choose your visit date at a later time, thereby reducing the number of choices I have to make at each buying phase.

Collect Data throughout your entire customer lifecycle

Building a robust customer database is essential to effectively promoting your experiences and keeping a steady flow of guests walking through your gates or doors. Reaching new customers costs an average of 5x more than bringing a past customer back in. Make sure that you are collecting email addresses, cell phone numbers, birth dates (for adults and kids!), as well as past purchase history and attraction preferences. All of this information can be used to better target and distribute your promotions for the highest success. Keep in mind, it is important to respect your customers’ privacy as well by getting opt-ins along the way while giving each customer the ability to opt-out or be forgotten in the future.

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