AttractionPros LIVE! (11/18/19)

On November 18th, 2019, we will be hosting AttractionPros LIVE! at the IAAPA Expo in Orlando, FL. This session will take place at 3:30pm at the Orange County Convention Center in room S310EFG.

This session involves audience participation! In fact, it’s up to the attendees to submit the topics for discussion. What are you looking to gain from coming to the IAAPA Expo this year? What is on your mind that you’d like to learn? What struggles are you having at your attraction that you feel you’d benefit from tapping into the collective wisdom of your peers?

All questions are submitted anonymously. Click on the link below to submit yours. You can submit as many times as you’d like!

While we cannot guarantee that we will address every question that is submitted, we will address as many questions as possible during the timeframe allotted for the session.

We will see you on November 18th!